As our name suggests, the dental sector is our main area of expertise. Dental clinics, surgeries and laboratories are classed as a high risk category environment due to the possibility of transmission of micro organisms from patient to patient and/or staff. For this reason the dental hygiene sector is highly regulated and products are made to exacting standards to ensure complete confidence. We provide solutions to almost all hygiene and disinfection problems, from instruments, to surfaces, to skin and hands, we have it all covered.

Medical & Chiropody

Another highly regulated area, medical hygiene and disinfection share a lot of the same exacting high standards as the dental sector. Many of our products are tested to the high levels needed to be used in this environment, whether that be prevention through hand hygiene or surface disinfection with sprays and wipes. The importance of hygiene and disinfection in the medical environment is vital in the fight against disease.


The profession of ophthalmology is undertaken within a professional clinical environment where patients and staff frequently come into contact with each other and with equipment, in this area hygiene and disinfection can play a vital role in reducing the risk of disease transmission. The majority of our products are ideal to be used in this sector, whether that be inside patient waiting rooms, examination areas and/or office style rooms.

Professional Care

Caring for the elderly within care homes, medical clinics and other areas is a vital and fast growing sector due to longer life expectancies, with this comes an ageing population which require more care. Preventing infection within these environments can save time and money to patients, staff and the institution itself. By reducing the risk of infection we therefore reduce the number of visits and total amount of time patients spend in hospital.


Animal care is another rapidly growing industry, many people now class their pets as a member of the family and they therefore deserve the same standard of treatment when it come to medical care, Topdental have the same attitude when it comes to hygiene. We believe the same high standards should apply to veterinary practices as they do in medical or dental environments. That’s why our products are ideal to use in the clean down and disinfection of clinical areas, waiting rooms and general office areas.


Cleanliness is paramount within the Pharmaceutical industry and we have a range of products which are ideally suited, whether that be in the laboratory environment, retail area or just general office areas. The high standards we apply to our range of products make them the perfect fit for this cutting edge industry.

Food Production

Hygiene plays an important part when it comes to food production, surfaces must be cleaned down regularly to ensure that bacteria is not given the chance to multiply and become a problem, utensils must also be given the same treatment and staff must take hand hygiene seriously to prevent the transmission of disease between themselves and customers. Topdental provides a wide range of products that are suitable for this industry.


The transmission of infections and disease via contact with exercise equipment is a serious issue within the health and leisure industry, along with the build up of dirt and grime on equipment and surfaces which can actually cause sensors to stop working and cause deterioration to expensive assets. Many of our products are ideal solutions to these problems with their effective spectrums, short contact times and ability to be used on sensitive surfaces.


Any institution with a high number of staff, visitors or members should take the possibility for the spread of disease and infection seriously. From government buildings to schools and other large office areas, by stopping the transmission of disease between people we can effectively reduce the amount of staff absence due to illness and therefore increase productivity. Whether that be by surface cleaning or general hand hygiene, Topdental have the ideal solution.


The travel and tourism industry is another sector where the movement of people can lead to a high risk of disease transmission, it is becoming ever easier for people to travel around the globe and therefore spread infections to different areas. The most important tool we have to fight this is ensuring good hand hygiene practices, our products are highly regarded within the aviation, rail, and shipping/cruising industries.

Beauty & Wellbeing

Due to the personal nature of the industry, contact between staff, patients and equipment cannot be avoided. Many of our products are ideally suited to minimise the chance for the spread of infection and disease within this environment. We supply surface and equipment hygiene solutions and also personal hand hygiene products to help reduce the risk of cross contamination.


A wide ranging industry that covers many areas including hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs where a high footfall of customers leads to a high risk of spreading disease and infection. Our products can significantly reduce this risk whether it be in public, staff or general office areas. Products suited for this purpose include hand disinfection rubs and gels, soaps, surface disinfection wipes and sprays and also cleaners for sensitive surfaces such as vinyl covers.