The World Health Organisation recommends limiting the spread of the deadly Coronavirus by reducing exposures and transmission, including focusing on hand hygiene. Bossklein can help protect both staff and patients with a range of products aimed to both block transmission of the disease and also remove the harmful micro-organisms from areas and surfaces within and around the dental or medical practice.


Bossklein V-Wipes and sprays are specially formulated for use in the medical and dental environment for the surface disinfection of non-invasive medical devices. Alcohol based formulation (55% Ethanol + 19% Isopropanol) with lemon aroma. Effective against Coronavirus (and many other micro-organisms) in only 60 seconds. Click here to find out more.


Bossklein hand disinfectant gel and rub are rapid acting hand disinfectants that provide hygienic hand disinfection in seconds, leaving no sticky residue and suitable for frequent use. Available in 50ml with belt clip, 500ml dispenser with pump and also 5 litre refill. Click here to find out more.