Topdental’s exclusive i-RANGE hygiene and disinfection brand has been redesigned from the ground up to improve the usability and performance for our customers. The i-RANGE is a high performance, dedicated “core” range of infection control products that have been designed for the medical and dental sector.

Change highlights include:

  • A NEW 3L refill bottle design.
  • A NEW exclusive 20ml colour coded dosing cap included with every 3L refill.
  • A NEW 500ml spray bottle for i-SURF and i-IMP disinfectants.
  • A NEW high quality wipe substrate for both i-WIPE and i-WIPE AF products.
  • A vastly improved effective spectrum for our i-SURF and i-WIPE products that now kills Bacteria, Yeast, TB, Fungi and enveloped viruses such as Adeno and Noro.
  • A totally NEW alcohol free surface disinfectant solution for our i-SURFAF and i-WIPEAF products with an industry leading minimum contact time of just 15 seconds.
  • An improved effective spectrum for our i-IMP impression disinfectant product that now kills bacteria and yeast in only 5 mins.
  • A NEW i-SUC Aspirator Disinfectant formulation that is effective against Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi, TB and Viruses such as Hep B, Hep C and HIV and has a minimum contact time of just 15 minutes.







Products include;

i-SURF – Alcohol based ready to use surface disinfectant solution

i-WIPE – Alcohol based surface disinfectant wet wipes

i-FLOOR – Floor and large surface cleaner

i-SURFAF – Alcohol Free ready to use surface disinfectant solution

i-WIPEAF – Alcohol Free surface disinfectant wet wipes

i-INST – Instrument disinfectant concrete solution

i-BIO – Ultrasonic cleaner concentrate solution

i-LUBE – Universal handpiece oil lubricant spray

i-ENZO – Washer disinfector concentrate solution

i-SUC – Aspirator disinfectant and cleaner concentrate solution

i-IMP – Ready to use impression disinfectant solution

i-HAN – Ready to use hand disinfectant gel

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