BK Aspirator Daily 1000×1000

Special Area Care

Special Area Care

Disinfectant concentrate for the daily cleaning and maintenance of dental aspirator systems

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Product Highlights

Used for the daily cleaning of aspirator systems, can be used on wet line, dry line and semi wet/dry line suction systems. Highly effective cleaning and disinfecting product. Non-foaming and non-abrasive aldehyde, chlorine and phenol free solution. Easy to use and measure. Effective against a wide spectrum of organisms. Alkaline based solution for removal of daily deposits. The 1 litre dispensing bottle dispenses the required amount of concentrate to ensure accurate dosage is used.

Variants & Accessories

BOS2487 1L Dispensing Bottle
BOS2488 5L Refill Bottle

Effective Spectrum & Exposure Times

  • Bactericidal 15 min: Pseudomonas aeruginosa 15 min, Enterococcus hirae 15 min,
    Staphylococcus aureus 15 min, Salmonella typhimurium 15 min, Legionella pneumophila 15 min, E-Coli 15 min
  • Yeasticidal 15 min: Candida albicans 15 min
  • Viruses: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) 15 min, Hepatitis C virus (HCV) 15 min,
    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) 15 min
  • Fungicidal 30 min: Aspergillus brasiliensis 30 min, Tuberculocidal 60 min, Mycobacterium terrae 60 min

Test Standards

EN14885, EN14476, EN14348, EN13727,  EN13697, EN13624, ASTM E1052.

Directions For Use

Dispense: Add 20ml of Daily Aspirator to 980ml of warm water. Aspirate via the high and low volume suction tubes. Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes in order to activate the working properties and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Product Composition

Dimethyldioctylammonium chloride, Dipropylene glycol, 2-Aminoethanol, Tetrasodium ethylene diamine tetraacetate, Ethanol, Citric acid, Nonionic surfactant, Antifoam, Dye.

Physical Properties

Blue liquid, Odour characteristic, pH 11.0-12.0, Shelf life of 3 years

Hazard Classification & Details

UN: 1760, Packing group: ll, Class: 8, Shipping name: CORROSIVE LIQUID, N.O.S., (DIMETHYLDIOCTYLAMMONIUM CHLORIDE)

Packing Details

6 x 1L Dispensing bottles per box
2 x 5L UN approved refill bottles box

Scope Of Application