BOSFILM Bossklein X-Ray Films 2018



High-contrast X-Ray films for dental use

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Product Highlights

Bossklein X-Ray films are a high-quality double-emulsion intraoral X-ray film of high speed, high contrast and fine grain, providing high image quality and outstanding detail definition. This film is intended for intraoral X-Ray diagnostics only.

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Directions For Use

The film can be exposed in daylight. Exposed films can be processed either manually or in processors. The manual processing should be carried out in a darkroom under indirect dark-red or olive-green safelight. Recommended safelight filters are, for example: Kodak GBX-2, Agfa R1 (dark-red), Agfa G7 (olive-green) and its analogies. It is possible to use any liquid good-quality trademarked chemicals for processing. It is NOT recommended using tablet or powder chemicals.

Physical Properties

30x40mm, Size 2. Film is made from a bluish 0.175 mm thick polyester provided with double-sided protective and antistatic layer which protects the film against mechanical and electrostatic damage (ESD).

Packing Details

The films are packed in a tropical vacuum wrapping and put inside paper boxes. 150 films per box.

Scope Of Application