SPE0001 Spectrum Tips Multi



American style disposable 3 in 1 syringe tips

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Product Highlights

Disposable 3-in-1 syringe tips for use on American style syringes, easy to use – no adaptor needed.

Helps prevent cross contamination. Superior air/water spray. Bag of 250 coloured tips.

Variants & Accessories

SPE0001 Bag of 250 tips

Directions For Use

This guide is intended for doctors and dental staff. Before using the 3 in 1 Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips check label for any cautions, warnings and storage instructions

1. Install the tip

Push the syringe tip into the syringe tip retainer assembly until you feel two clicks.

WARNING If you do not feel two clicks as you install the syringe tip, do not use the syringe. Check the syringe and refer to manufacturers instructions.

2. Check the Tip is installed correctly

Visual check: Complete Installation (no groove showing), Incomplete Tip Installation (groove showing).

Manual check: Point the syringe at the floor and press the air button several times to be sure the tip is properly installed. Express water then express air only, if air contains moisture refer to syringe manufacturers instructions.

WARNING Ensure syringe tips are correctly inserted and locked in place. Using syringe tips not secured in place may result in syringe tip ejection. Tip ejection may result in ingestion or aspiration of the tip, requiring immediate medical attention.

3. After use

Remove the syringe tip by pulling the tip straight out of the syringe. and discard.

WARNING 3 in 1 Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips are for single use only. Re-use may result in asepsis.

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Physical Properties

Multi coloured

Scope Of Application