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Special Area Care

Special Area Care

Disinfectant concentrate for the weekly cleaning and maintenance of dental aspirator systems

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Product Highlights

Weekly Aspirator is ideal for the weekly cleaning and maintenance of Dental Aspirator systems, it can be used on wet line, dry line and semi wet/dry line suction systems. Low-foaming and non-abrasive solution. Aldehyde, chlorine and phenol free solution. Colour coded. Acid based solution, designed to remove protein and organic residues. The 1 litre dispensing bottle dispenses the required amount of concentrate to ensure accurate dosage is used.

Variants & Accessories

BOS9806 1L Dispenser Bottle
BOS9809 5L Refill Bottle

Effective Spectrum & Exposure Times

  • Bactericidal 30 min: Pseudomonas aeruginosa 30 min, Enterococcus hirae 30 min, Staphylococcus aureus 30 min

Test Standards

EN 14885, EN 13727

Directions For Use

Add 50ml of Weekly Aspirator concentrate solution to 950ml warm water (5% solution). Aspirate via the high and low volume suction tubes. Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes in order to activate the working properties and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Product Composition

Contains Citric acid, benzalkonium chloride, non-ionic surfactant, antifoam, dyestuff.

Physical Properties

Green liquid, odour characteristic, pH 2-3, Shelf life 3 Years.

Hazard Classification & Details

UN: 1903, Packing group: ll, Class: 8, Shipping name: DISINFECTANT, LIQUID, CORROSIVE, N.O.S. (BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE)

Packing Details

6 x 1L Dispensing bottles per box
2 x 5L UN approved refill bottles per box

Scope Of Application