ViroTech – Introducing a brand new instrument disinfectant concentrate solution from Virofex


Designed specifically for the manual disinfection of instruments, burs and endodontic instruments and items prior to sterilisation. The brand new formulation is totally free from Chlorides ensuring excellent, wide ranging material compatibility. Fully tested to be safe to use on Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Silicon Rubber and HDPE.

Effective against Bacteria, Yeast, Tuberculosis and Viruses including Hepatitis B and C, HIV (+ many more, see table below) and non enveloped Viruses inc Adenovirus and Norovirus. This solution amongst the most powerful instrument disinfectants available on the market today. With a contact time of only 15-60 minutes and a dilution ratio of only 2% or 4%, this concentrated solution is a powerful tool in the fight against infection and disease.

Fully tested to standards: EN13624, EN13727, EN14476, EN14561, EN14562, EN14563, EN14348 and ASTM E1052 ensures maximum peace of mind is achieved.

Virofex ViroTech Instrument Disinfectant is the perfect balance in performance vs usability.


PHMB Free. The modern and up to date composition consists of greener and less hazardous chemical components making everyday handling and usage much safer to both the user and the environment. The low packing group and transport classification reduces both the hazards and costs associated with transportation.






The mild and fresh aroma and green colour make this solution a refreshing change to the often sharp aromas and unpleasing colours of competitor product.

Available in both 2 litre and economical 5L refill. See the full product listing here.

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