To whom this may concern

We have all heard the news regarding “Brexit” and the possible no deal situation. Therefore, from Topdental we want to share our latest plans with you and assure you we will still be able to continue with business as normal and supply you with great products at fantastic prices.

Over the past months we have begun planning and implementing a strategy with our supply chain and notified body in order to mitigate any issues or delays that could be raised by Brexit.  In order to alleviate our customer’s potential concerns, we have put into place the following steps:

  • We have made a significant increase in investment of our stock levels of manufacturing components in order to continue to manufacture and supply our goods in a timely fashion.
  • Been in constant communication with our key suppliers to be able to better understand their full supply chain and any issues that could possibly be associated with it.
  • Formed an in house team here at Topdental in order to ensure any concerns from customers or potential customers are dealt with rapidly and professionally.

While we do not currently expect any major issues or delays, we do advise that customers consider increasing their stock holdings of essential products to ensure all risks regarding potential transport issues are minimised.

The situation will continue to evolve over the coming months but please do be assured that we will endeavour to communicate with and support our worldwide customer base as regularly as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns related to Brexit, please contact your local Topdental representative or use the contact form below and one of our team will be sure to handle your request as soon as possible.


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